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Spectrum Lighting belongs to the manufacturing group of Spectrum Lighting Hong Kong
which was established in 1987.
Back then named Franco Chinese Consultants, Spectrum Lighting has witnessed a quantum leap in developments that can
undoubtedly be seen in its product range and customer satisfaction over the years. Our products are delivered to a large
client base in Europe generally under private label.

Spectrum specializes in two main activities :

High end lighting products
A wide range of products is developed with various factories in China benefiting from our 20 years lighting experience and our manufacturing base with
Spectrum Lighting Ltd.
High end bulbs and accessories
All our products are conforming to European safety standards such as RoHS, EUP/ERP and others. The main product range consists of Eco Halogen, Halogen, CFL, LED, PL and T5/T8 bulbs.

We strive to produce better performing bulbs and are more recently focusing on the newest generation Eco Halogen and
LED series that will not only round up your assortment but also comply with the latest developments on Energy saving and
Environmental requirements.

Please inquire with us for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Pierre Gabison,
Managing Director
Spectrum Lighting Limited
Hong Kong